Radio Monitoring

Relyco Security and AES/IntelliNet, the leader in long-range remote wireless mesh alarm communications for the fire and security industry have teamed up to offer Wireless Radio Monitoring.
What happens if there is an alarm and the telephone lines are down for service or even worse, a burglar cuts the phone line?  The alarm panel can’t communicate with the Central Station.

Unfortunately, telephone lines are not always 100% reliable .  And in many cases homeowners use cell phones and don’t have a home phone.
Solution – AES Radio

A Remote Transceiver is installed and used to monitor or control your alarm panel. The Transceiver relays its data to the Central Station via radio transmission through the mesh network.  Our Central Receiver relays the data to our alarm automation software for processing. Relyco can also provide a U.L. approved Radio for monitoring Commercial Fire Alarms, eliminating multiple dedicated phone lines and saving hundreds of dollars per year in phone expenses.