U.L & 5-Diamond Certified Central Station


Relyco Security and Coweta-Fayette EMC are continually looking for new
ways to provide excellent service and control costs for our customers.
We have provided home and business security system monitoring since 1997
and have made many improvements over the last 15 years. The latest
beneficial upgrade for Relyco customers will involve expanding our co-op
business relationship with the Cooperative Response Center (CRC) to utilize
their security monitoring services. Currently, CRC answers Coweta-Fayette
EMC outage and billing calls during times of high volume, and also responds
to Relyco’s First Alert home medical monitoring calls. CRC was founded in
1992 by 19 electric cooperatives to provide security monitoring services for
their members. Their monitoring facilities are UL® and 5-Diamond Certified,
and CRC currently provides monitoring services for 46 cooperatives and
businesses. CRC has three facilities (located in Austin, Minn.; Abilene,
Texas; and Dunlap, Tenn.) that provide critical back-up capabilities in case
of natural disaster or mechanical failure. We value the trust our customers
have placed in our security program over the last 15 years, and this
cooperative business relationship with CRC will serve to make us better.
For our customers, the relationship with Relyco will not change. Relyco will
continue to provide local security system service and installation with our
group of experienced and licensed technicians. Customer service and billing
will all originate from our Palmetto, Ga. headquarters. No change to a
customer’s properly working security system will be necessary, and all alarm
signals will still come to Relyco first and then be forwarded to CRC’s
monitoring facilities. As always, protecting your family, home and business
are our main goals at Relyco Security. Through our partnership with the
Cooperative Response Center, we will continue to keep your peace of mind our
top priority.